One lightning strike can change your life forever

74% of lightning survivors have some form of disability.
Get the loudest and brightest alerts on the market with TALOS products.


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Lightning Detection Devices

Whether you’re seeking safety for your personal property or you’re an OEM distributor looking to meet OSHA and NOAA requirements, the TALOS lightning detection system is the perfect solution. TALOS detects lightning from 25 miles away based on your actual location, giving you plenty of time to seek shelter. With real time alerts, highly noticeable flashing signals and audible alarms. TALOS lightning detectors have you covered.

Ranks 2nd

Only floods cause higher weather related injuries & fatalities than lightning.


The number of lightning strikes that occur every year in the US.


Thunder can be heard from 10 miles away, BUT lightning can STRIKE from 25 miles away!

No Matter the Application, TALOS has a Solution!

TALOS®️ is driven to provide you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Lightning Detector

The SFD-1000 Series Lightning Detector is an on the go lightning detection system. Includes mount for easy placement anywhere you need.

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TALOS Compact Lightning Detector

The SFD-300 Series Dual Purpose Compact & Sports Edition Lightning Detectors with 3 Modes: Lightning Detection, Stadium Mode & Off.

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TALOS Remote
Lightning Detector

The SFD-1000-R remote lightning detector is designed for customized applications. Compact design for remote mounting providing both visual & audible alerts.

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Safety Signage

The TALOS safety sign with attached lightning detector is a great addition to community and at-home swimming pools.

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According to, lightning typically receives less attention than other storm-related killers because it does not result in mass deaths & casualties. 10% of people struck are killed and 90% suffer serious long term affects.


At TALOS, Engineering Drives Best-in-Class Quality

Our mission is to provide families and OEMs with quality lightning detectors that promote safety and awareness while enjoying leisure activities together. Our patented products feature the same technology used in expensive weather stations, but at a fraction of the price. Browse our products or learn more about our OEM solutions today!

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Don’t just take our word for it.

At TALOS®️, we’re developing that technology into new innovative concepts designed for enhancing consumer lifestyles.

Pool Lightning Detector

Ordering was easy and item was shipped fast and packaging was great. Great product. Thanks for your support offered if I ever need it. Great company.

Peter U
Very Impressed

I don’t have a pool but spend lots of time camping and hiking (plus my kids play youth sports). The detector is perfect since I lose reception in remote areas & can’t check weather on my phone.

FLORIDA…..Lightning Capital of USA

As a tour boat Captain, it is my responsibility to provide a safe and pleasurable experience. Using our new Talos Lighting detector gives me advance warning on what precautions to take in advance of threatening weather. Great investment. Capt. Ron

Ronald J
Awesome Product!

I recently purchased your SFD 1000G and am highly impressed. I am currently sitting in my garage, in the middle of a Michigan summer thunderstorm. Your unit detected lightning faster than alerts from Weather Bug.

They sell themselves!!!

I ordered a TALOS last week and I received it the very next day!!! Awesome customer service!!! The skies were clear and no storms were in sight so I went out last evening to a local restaurant by boat for dinner with a neighbor. On the way back was the first time that there was a (surprise) storm with lightning and my Talos worked perfectly.

Thomas Burton
Super Accurate!

Used during our last couple games of golf and it alerted us to some lightning at one of the holes. I really like the sound alerts, we could hear them from across the green. I will be sure to use it from now on.

Your product is absolutely amazing!

Simple, compact and reliable. I have just returned from a remote fishing trip in Ontario, Canada. Kabby Lake has no cell service or internet when one is on the water. If it wasn’t for my Talos Detector, we would have been caught on the water in 2 major thunderstorms. There was not a cloud near us when it started flashing green. Regardless, we headed for the lodge and safety, returning just as the storm hit. I gave my compact detector to our guide when I left and will purchase a replacement before my next trip. Every fishing guide should have one. Thanks again for a very useful product. Fish On

Steelie Blaster

TALOS Products & Solutions

Ready to take on the elements, TALOS goes where most devices can’t: near water. Keep your device safe; Talos has eyes on the skies with real time alerts


Protected from the effects of water, TALOS is always on alert.

Brightest Visual Alerts

3 Colors indicate the distance of approaching or departing lightning. Green: 25 miles, Blue: 16 miles, Red: 6 miles

Loudest Audible Alerts

TALOS beeps once when lightning is 25 miles away, twice when lightning is 16 miles away and three times when lightning is 6 miles away.

25 Mile Lightning Detection

Did you know that thunder can be heard from 10 miles away, but lightning can strike from 25 miles away? TALOS detects lightning up to 25 miles.

Long Battery Life

1 year based on average usage. When not using the lightning detector, make sure the unit is turned off to preserve battery life.

Weather Station Technology

TALOS uses the same technology as expensive weather stations!


TALOS detects lightning from 25 miles away based on your actual location, giving you plenty of time to seek shelter.
With the longest lasting battery life for lightning detection devices, get real time alerts for up to 1 year.

The Most Important Pool Accessory You Need

Weather conditions can change before you know it. Highly visual, you won’t be caught off guard this summer.

The Most Important Pool Accessory You Need

Weather conditions can change before you know it. Highly visual, you won’t be caught off guard this summer.