Lightning Detection for Off-Road Vehicles

TALOS Portable & Remote Lightning Detector for ATVs and UTVs

With a reach of 25 miles, dangerous lightning can strike ATV and UTV riders off guard at any moment from a seemingly random ‘bolt out of the blue’ sky. TALOS enhances awareness of surroundings in real time.  

Riders can be stranded easily if a storm rolls in as most trails have poor data signals and don’t offer much in terms of suitable shelter against lightning. Our lightning detection for off-road vehicles provides riders with more time to seek shelter and remove themselves from harm’s way. 

TALOS Lightning Detection Solutions

Have you ever wanted the power of a weather station to keep you safe right in your very own off-road vehicle? Our devices use the same state-of-the-art technology to detect storm activity and keep you safe no matter where you are.  

Plus, at TALOS, we understand that timing is a critical factor in seeking shelter. While you may be able to hear thunder from 10 miles away, lightning can strike from up to 25 miles away, meaning you can’t rely on your senses to tell you when it’s time to get to safety. Our ATV lightning detectors can tell you how far away danger is, so you can seek shelter faster and ensure your safety. 

Lightning Detection Alerts

  • GREEN with 1 beep: 25 miles
  • BLUE with 2 beeps: 16 miles
  • RED with 3 beeps: 6 miles

Key Features

  • 25 mile detection range
  • Compact design
  • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts
  • Waterproof
  • Robust design for rugged applications
  • High accuracy
  • Same technology as expensive weather stations
  • No WIFI or data connection needed

Key Benefits

  • Enhances awareness of dangerous lightning in the area
  • Innovative technology minimizes false indicators
  • Detection of ground to cloud lightning activity
  • Real time instant alerts

Why TALOS® Lightning Alerts? Phones Already Send Notifications!

  • Phones are in pocket or secured inside the vehicle
  • Phones are set to silent/do not disturb
  • No data signal or connection
  • Unable to hear phone alerts due to vehicle noise
  • Weather notifications are set for specific intervals, real time updates can be missed
  • Weather app updates are set for a location other than where the person is actually located

TALOS Portable Lightning Detector (SFD-1000-G)

Talos Portable Lightning Detector - 3 Colors Indicate Distance of StormThe TALOS portable lightning detector comes with a mount and can be mounted onto your ATV or UTV. When parked or off your vehicle, remove the lightning detector from its mount and take it with you to keep you protected from dangerous lightning no matter where you are.

Benefits & Features

  • Auto sleep functionality**
  • Compact design
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to detach
  • Long battery life (1 year based on average use)
  • Battery powered: requires 4 AA batteries (lithium recommended)

**Our devices have two main modes: normal mode and auto-sleep mode. When you press the ON button, this will automatically turn on the device and put it into normal mode, meaning the unit is actively searching for storm and lightning activity. If you press the ON button twice, this places the device into auto-sleep mode. This mode helps you save battery life because the device will only turn on if lightning is detected and will turn off after 30 minutes of no lightning is detected. 

Where to Mount the Lightning Detector

The last thing you want from your lightning detection system is false positive alarms! Unfortunately, this can happen if your unit is too close to other devices that give off electrical noise, such as cell phones, beepers, and other wearable devices. When mounting your lightning detection unit, make sure to keep it at least three feet away from these devices. If your unit does detect electrical noise, it will flash through all three colors, alerting you to interferences. 

The SFD-1000-R Remote Lightning Detector

TALOS Remote lightning detector installed on an ATVFeaturing the same technology used in expensive weather stations, the SFD-1000-R is a ready-to-install lightning detection solution.

  • Clean Appearance
  • Permanent, Space Saving Design
  • Real Time Lightning Alerts

If you’re looking to make sure you’re safe no matter where you are, our lightning detectors are your solution to staying aware of deadly lightning while on your ATV or UTV. 

The TALOS remote lightning detector is adaptable to most custom applications and is the answer to enhancing lightning awareness for ATV’s and UTV’s.

When lightning is nearby, action needs to be taken. Lightning can only be heard from 10 miles away, but can strike from 25 miles away! When out on your off-road vehicle, you won’t hear or see weather alerts on your phone. A storm can rapidly move in on your location without you even know it!

SFD-1000-R Talos Remote Lightning Detector*Although the remote lightning detector is designed primarily for oems, end users can purchase and install themselves. Contact us at 727-532-6144 or email

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