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TALOS Lightning Detector for the Marine and Boating Industry

Is Safety Optional? Or Essential?

Every year, 60% of lightning related accidents occur near water. Whether you’re out on the water working hard or boating for pleasure, safety isn’t negotiable. From pleasure crafts to boat building, it’s essential to stay aware when dangerous lightning is in striking range as strikes can occur from up to 25 miles away.

The chance of a boat being struck by lightning is 1 in 1,000! With odds like that, it’s essential to protect life and property. Lightning can cause severe damage to some of the most expensive parts of a boat, including electronics. Knowing lightning is imminent can provide precious time to batten down & seek safety.

Recently, lightning caused four pontoon boats to catch fire in St. Lucie County. While it happened overnight and no one was injured, it’s an ominous reminder to stay aware when lightning is in the area.

Lightning Detection Alerts

  • GREEN with 1 beep: 25 miles away
  • BLUE with 2 beeps: 16 miles away
  • RED with 3 beeps: 6 miles away
Boaters can see the flashing LEDs and hear the alerts when lightning is detected from 25 miles away. As the storm moves closer or further away, the LEDs will change color. Informing the user whether danger is leaving or moving in closer allows boaters to decide if it’s time to get to safety.

Key Features

  • Provides awareness of dangerous lightning in the area up to 25 miles
  • Waterproof
  • Robust design for rugged applications
  • High rate of accuracy
  • Same technology as expensive weather stations
  • No WIFI or data connection needed

Key Benefits

  • Innovative technology minimizes false indicators
  • Real time alerts based on location of the device, giving occupants more time to seek shelter
  • Antenna auto tuning for optimal detection
  • Cost effective
  • Customizable OEM Solution
  • Real time instant alerts
  • Detection of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground activity

Why TALOS® Lightning Alerts? Phones Already Send Notifications!

  • Phones are safely secured inside golf bag or pocket
  • Phones are set to silent/do not disturb
  • No data signal or connection
  • Weather notifications are set for specific intervals, real time updates can be missed
  • Weather app updates are set for a location other than where the person is actually located

TALOS Portable Lightning Detector (SFD-1000-G)

The TALOS® portable lightning detector comes with a mount for easy mounting onto your boat. You can also take it with you as the detector is portable. Take it with you anywhere you are on the water!

Benefits & Features

  • Compact design
  • Auto sleep functionality**
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to detach
  • Long battery life (1 year based on average usage)
  • Battery powered: requires 4 AA batteries (lithium recommended)

**When you first activate the unit, it will start out in “normal mode,” which means the device is actively listening for any storm activity. When you press the ON button twice, this will put the device into auto-sleep mode, and when motion is detected, it will turn on. If no motion is detected for 30 minutes, the unit goes back to sleep.

Where to Mount the Lightning Detector

The device should be kept at least three feet away from any other devices emitting electrical noise. This ensures that you won’t receive any false positive signals, and if you see the devices flash through all three colors, this means that the unit is detecting interference. This system is easy to read and interpret, which makes lightning detection for boating a breeze. 

The TALOS SFD-1000-R Remote Lightning Detector

Talos Remote Lightning Detector Installed in Various Boats and WatercraftThe SFD-1000-R is a ready-to-install design solution that provides:
  • Clean Appearance
  • Permanent, Space Saving Design
  • Real Time Lightning Alerts
Highly versatile for custom installations, the TALOS® remote system is the answer to enhancing lightning awareness on boats and personal watercraft. *The remote lightning detector is designed primarily for oems, end users can also purchase and install themselves. Contact us at 727-532-6144 or email SFD-1000-R Talos Remote Lightning Detector

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Whether you’re on a cruiser, yacht, or pontoon, our boating lightning safety system is your advanced, versatile solution for increasing lightning awareness on your watercraft. * While mainly designed for OEMS, customers can also buy and easily install the unit themselves. Contact us at 727-532-6144 or to get started today!

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The TALOS Remote System is Currently Being Tested or Designed in Solutions for:

Wakeboard Boats

Water Ski Boats

Bass Boats


Pontoon Boats

Center Console Boats

Deck Boats


Luxury Yachts

Sport Fishing Yachts


& Many More…

This is What Makes TALOS a Perfect Solution

  • The bright LEDs and loud audible alerts keep occupants aware of approaching lightning & storm fronts
  • The lightning detector is a SELF-CONTAINED, stand alone device
  • Real time alerts are based on the location of the device, giving occupants more time to seek shelter

What Sets Us Apart From Other Lightning Detectors?

TALOS®️ Advanced Features Other Lightning Detectors
The Brightest LEDs for Lightning Detection Devices on the Market
Contains 1 LED
The Loudest Device – Audible in Noisy Environments
May be Difficult to Hear in Noisy Environments
Continual Flashing & Beeping
(up to 15 Minutes, or Danger is over 25 mi)
Lower Frequency of Alerts
Waterproof – Built to Weather the Storm
NOT Waterproof
Designed for Outdoor Use
Indoor Use Only
Stand Alone Device – Needs No Data Connection
Phones Need Data Connection
Automatic Brightness Control No Automatic Brightening or Dimming
Real Time Alerts Based on Your Location Alerts May Be Delayed or Come From Tower Location
Easy to Understand Alerts May Be Difficult to Read or Hear
False Signal Rejection Technology More False Positives Detected