TALOS Lightning Detector for Pools & Spas

TALOS Lightning Detector & Safety Sign for Pools & Spas

With a reach of 25 miles, dangerous lightning can strike at any moment from a seemingly random ‘bolt out of the blue’ sky. A lightning strike can kill or seriously injure a swimmer or those sun bathing around the pool. Don’t be caught off guard while spending time at the pool!

The TALOS® lightning detector will keep you aware of approaching or departing lightning by providing both visual and audible alerts when lightning is in the area.

TALOS Lightning Detection Solutions

TALOS GodFACT: Thunder can only be heard from up to 10 miles away, but lightning CAN STRIKE from 25 MILES AWAY!

Featuring the same technology used in expensive weather stations, our devices have the ability to distinguish between a false disturbance and actual lightning. You can trust the time alerts are detecting imminent danger in real time.

Get instant audible and visual alerts when lightning is within 25 miles and closer.

Use lightning safety solutions developed by TALOS to improve situational awareness of approaching & departing storms and keep outdoor enthusiasts safe!

Safety isn’t an option, it’s essential!

Lightning Detection Alerts

  • GREEN with 1 beep: 25 miles
  • BLUE with 2 beeps: 16 miles
  • RED with 3 beeps: 6 miles

Key Features

  • 25 mile detection range
  • Compact design
  • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts
  • Waterproof
  • Robust design for rugged applications
  • High accuracy
  • Same technology as expensive weather stations
  • No WIFI or data connection needed

Key Benefits

  • Enhances awareness of dangerous lightning in the area
  • Innovative technology minimizes false indicators
  • Detection of ground to cloud lightning activity
  • Real time instant alerts

Why TALOS® Lightning Alerts? Phones Already Send Notifications!

  • Phones are in pocket or secured inside the vehicle
  • Phones are set to silent/do not disturb
  • No data signal or connection
  • Unable to hear phone alerts due to vehicle noise
  • Weather notifications are set for specific intervals, real time updates can be missed
  • Weather app updates are set for a location other than where the person is actually located

TALOS Portable Lightning Detector (SFD-1000-P)

Talos Portable Lightning Detector - 3 Colors Indicate Distance of StormThe TALOS portable lightning detector comes with a mount and can be mounted onto your ATV or UTV. When parked or off your vehicle, remove the lightning detector from its mount and take it with you to keep you protected from dangerous lightning no matter where you are.

Benefits & Features

  • Compact design
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to detach
  • Long battery life (1 year based on average use)
  • Battery powered: requires 4 AA batteries (lithium recommended)

**When the unit is first turned on, the unit is in “Normal Mode” and will actively listen for lightning/storm activity. Pressing the ON button a second time puts the unit into the auto-sleep mode. In this mode, the detector will sleep until motion is detected, then it will turn on. If no motion is detected for 30 minutes, the unit goes back to sleep.

Girls at Swimming Pool - TALOS lightning detector installed on wallWhere to Mount the Lightning Detector

The lightning detector should be mounted a minimum of 3 feet away from cell phones, wearables, or any other devices emitting electrical noise to avoid false positive signals. If the detector goes through a sequence of all colors, this indicates that it is detecting electrical noise interference.

TALOS Safety Signs

TALOS 18x24 Safety Sign with Lightning Detector18 x 24 Safety Sign and Lightning Detector Kit

Don’t be caught off guard while enjoying your leisure time at the pool. The TALOS® safety sign with attached lightning detector is a must have for community and at home swimming pools! When mounted, swimmers can easily see lightning alerts and instantly know the distance of the lightning.

Choose from two convenient operation methods: battery operated or wired. The battery operated detector is a quick and easy set up: just install 4 AA batteries, turn on the lightning detector, and it’s ready to go. The wired device includes DC power supply that plugs directly into any wall outlet and eliminates the need to change batteries.

TALOS 14x14 Safety Sign with Lightning Detector14 x 14 Safety Sign and Lightning Detector Kit

The 14″ x 14″ TALOS Safety Sign Kit informs guests of dangerous lightning in the surrounding area with easy to read details. When the attached device starts flashing from one color to the next, guests can be made aware in real time that lightning is close enough to strike their location.

Perfect for public areas such as restaurants with outdoor seating, in community parks and playgrounds, areas suited for large event gatherings, outdoor tiki huts, & more. The battery operated detector is a quick and easy set up; just install 4 AA batteries and it’s ready to go!