3 Ways To Protect Pets and Livestock During Thunderstorms

It’s already unnerving when you see the skies darken and know that a thunderstorm is on the way. However, these storms are especially hectic for people with pets or livestock on their property. Not only do you need to focus on your own well-being, but you want to do everything you can to keep your animals safe and de-stress them as much as possible. Here are three ways to protect your pets and livestock during thunderstorms that’ll hopefully make things easier for everyone. These tips should be an important part of any storm preparation plans.

Offer Shelter

Animals will naturally try to seek shelter when they feel a storm is on the way, but they may find themselves running toward a shelter that doesn’t offer any real protection. Don’t let your animals try to wait out the storm under a tree or in a structure with no genuine lighting protection.

Bringing smaller pets like cats and dogs into the house with you is typically the safest option. Larger animals like horses, cows, or other livestock should have access to a sturdy barn. Corral the animals into the safe shelter, and try to remove any loose metal or wet materials that may pose a risk during the storm.

Do Behavioral Preparations

Animals are generally good at picking up when a storm is on the way. That can cause them a lot of undue stress. Some animal owners may want to try out desensitization training, which helps them adjust to the sound of thunder and guides them toward self-preservation.

A big part of this training involves creating an area where they feel safe and calm in these situations. You should surround your animals with familiar companions or items that give them comfort. Ideally, you don’t want to disrupt their natural living conditions too much while they wait out the storm.

Use Monitoring and Calming Techniques

Knowledge is power when it comes to preparing for a thunderstorm, and you can stay informed by looking at weather forecasts. If you know a storm is imminent, ensure you have a plan for keeping an eye on your pets. One of the best ways to protect pets and livestock during thunderstorms is to implement calming techniques whenever possible.

These techniques may include gentle petting and speaking reassuringly. Animals pick up on body language and general energy, so if you’re staying calm, they’re likely to know it’s going to be okay. For animals out in the barn, you may want to set up some sort of video or audio equipment so that they can still hear your voice even if you can’t make it out there once the storm gets rough.

The more you prepare for lightning storms, the more solid a plan you can make for protecting your pets and livestock when the time comes. If you have a large farm that requires vehicles to get around, TALOS can help. We have lightning detectors for 4-wheelers that will allow you to stay aware and alert while rounding up your animals. For more information on what TALOS can do for you, contact us anytime. We can help you remain ready when the storm clouds roll in.

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Looks and works great!

Easy to set up and install on our boat. It provides assurance knowing we have an advanced warning system in place for storm fronts.

John G. - TALOS Lightning Detector