Why Lightning Detectors Should Become an OEM Standard

Many factors can play into the quality of your product designs, from the materials you use to the innovative technology you incorporate. OEM standards—using durable high-grade materials and innovative engineering—set the base requirements for guaranteeing and exceeding quality designs. Along with the basic standards, lightning detectors should be added to the list. Lightning detection can enhance your product in many ways, improving functionality, quality, and user experiences. Discover why lightning detectors should become an OEM standard and upgrade your products with advanced technology.

Improved Customer Protection and Interest

When your products fail, your customers suffer the consequences, from experiencing downtime to undergoing costly repairs. Products like pool systems and vehicles can even put clients at risk of danger when malfunctioning. Lightning detectors design a product that keeps your clients’ best interests in mind.

Integrating lightning detectors can offer an extra layer of safety for your customers and products. Lightning can cause serious injuries to people and damage to products. Lightning awareness plays a crucial role in preserving your product’s quality and functionality, preventing clients from dealing with malfunctions and costly repairs. Lightning detection systems can alert users of nearby lightning threats, allowing them to get themselves and their products out of harm’s way.

Better Industry Compliance

Many industries have regulations and standards in place that require equipment to meet specific safety criteria. Including lightning detectors in your products can demonstrate compliance with these standards without compromising on functionality.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that communication towers have lightning protection systems in place to prevent fires and other hazards. OSHA requires certain workplaces, like construction sites, to have lightning safety procedures in place. Integrating lightning detectors into your products can help you and your clients meet the appropriate standards.

Enhanced Reputation

Prioritizing safety and prevention measures in your product designs appeals to many potential customers. By implementing such measures, you meet the needs and wants of many customers, which, in turn, can enhance your reputation. Safety and prevention are essential qualities and values most people look for when buying a product.

Incorporating lightning detectors differentiates your product and company from competitors who do not provide or prioritize the same level of protection. Customers are more likely to trust and recommend a brand that values their well-being and interests.

Increased Revenue Potential

Safety features such as lightning detectors can also open up new markets and revenue. Companies in the renewable energy sector are increasingly investing in lightning protection systems to safeguard their solar panels and wind turbines from lightning damage. Offering products with built-in lightning detectors allows you to tap into these emerging markets and increase your sales potential.

Lightning detectors should be an OEM standard because they offer many benefits that greatly improve product quality. No matter your product, lightning detection is a valuable additional feature. TALOS lightning detectors for OEMS are designed with user-friendly properties that allow for easy implementation. They also feature advanced technology that guarantees quality performance and detection, offering plenty of enhancements to your product designs. Upgrade your products with TALOS lightning detectors to design a product your customers will enjoy and benefit from.

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Looks and works great!

Easy to set up and install on our boat. It provides assurance knowing we have an advanced warning system in place for storm fronts.

John G. - TALOS Lightning Detector
Looks and works great!

Easy to set up and install on our boat. It provides assurance knowing we have an advanced warning system in place for storm fronts.

John G. - TALOS Lightning Detector