TALOS Lightning Detector for Golf Carts and Courses


Made in the USAWhile enjoying a nice leisurely game of golf or a ride around the community on your golf cart, stay aware of potential lightning in the air with TALOS lightning and storm detectors for golf carts and courses. There are 50 to 100 dangerous cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes every second worldwide. The TALOS golf cart lightning detector senses lightning strikes occurring within 25 miles away and alerts you of the danger, making you aware of potentially life-threatening situations.

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TALOS GodTALOS Lightning Detector Features

  • Up to 25 miles range
  • Waterproof
  • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts: 3 colors to indicate distance of approaching or departing storms
    • Green: 25 miles
    • Blue: 16 miles
    • Red: 6 miles
  • The LOUDEST audible alerts
    • 1 beeps for Green: 25 miles
    • 2 beeps for Blue: 16 miles
    • 3 beeps for Red: 6 miles
  • Compact design
  • Auto sleep functionality**
  • Same technology as used in weather stations
  • Long battery life (1 year based on average usage)
  • Battery powered: requires 4 AA batteries (lithium recommended)

**When the unit is first turned on, the unit is in “Normal Mode” and will actively listen for lightning/storm activity. Pressing the ON button a second time puts the unit into the auto-sleep mode. In this mode, the detector will sleep until motion is detected, then it will turn on. If no motion is detected for 30 minutes, the unit goes back to sleep.


  • Early warning alerts – giving you time to find safety
  • Provides distance estimation of storm
  • Antenna audio tuning – increases efficiency
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to detach

What’s Included in the Box:

  • TALOS Lightning Detection Device
  • Mounting Base
  • User Guide

How it Works

When lightning is first detected (up to 25 miles), the detector will flash all 8 LEDs for 5 minutes. To save battery life, after 5 minutes of lightning detection, the detector switches to blinking every other LED for the remaining time that lightning is detected (red, blue, or green depending on distance of lightning).

Where to Mount the Lightning Detector

The lightning detector should be mounted a minimum of 3 feet away from cell phones, wearables, or any other devices emitting electrical noise to avoid false positive signals. If the detector goes through a sequence of all colors, this indicates that it is detecting electrical noise interference.

Battery Instructions & Installation

It is necessary to replace batteries as soon as the lightning detector indicates the batteries are almost dead. The detector will beep and flash the LED twice indicating that batteries need to be replaced. This alert is given every 10 seconds. If you are not using the lightning detector, make sure you remove the batteries prior to storing the detector.

TALOS Remote Ready-to-Install Lightning Detector

We also offer a remote solution that can be installed in a rocker switch knockout or into a 3/4″ mounting hole. The remote version features:

  • Clean Appearance
  • Permanent, Space Saving Design
  • Real Time Lightning Visual & Audible Alerts

TALOS Remote Lightning Detector for Golf Carts

Highly versatile for permanent installations, the TALOS remote system is the answer to providing lightning awareness for all types of golf carts.

*Although the remote lightning detector is designed primarily for oems, end users can purchase and install themselves.



Product Overview

TALOS SFD-1000 Product Overview


At TALOS, Engineering Drives Best-in-Class Quality

Our mission is to provide families with quality products that promote safety and awareness while enjoying leisure activities together. Our patent pending products feature the same technology used in expensive weather stations, but at a fraction of the price.


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