TALOS Sports Edition Compact Lightning Detector


Made in the USAThe SFD-300-TB is a dual-purpose compact lightning detector with 3 modes: Lightning Detection Mode, Stadium Mode, and OFF. When in Lightning Detection Mode, the detector provides visual alerts to approaching or departing storm fronts and lightning by sensing the distance of lightning strikes that are in the area, making you aware of potentially life-threatening situations.

Stadium mode is perfect for Tampa Bay Lightning Games at the Amalie Arena. The stadium created lightning activates the unit to flash random colors each time a goal is scored!

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Features & Benefits

  • Portable compact design (lanyard & strap included for portability)
  • Detects lightning up to 25 miles
  • Compact design
  • Same technology as used in expensive weather stations
  • 3 different colors indicate the distance (approaching or departing) of the storm front:
    • Green = 25 miles
    • Blue = 16 miles
    • Red = 6 miles
  • High accuracy
  • Sealing IP40 rating
  • Dust proof enclosure
  • Stadium mode to be used at Tampa Bay Lightning games or any other events with Tesla Coils.

How it Works

  • When the detector is first powered on, the first three blinks of the center green LED indicate the unit is calibrating. Calibration takes a few seconds to complete.
  • When the second three blinks of the center LED flash green, calibration is complete.
  • The center LED flashes green once every 10 seconds to indicate the unit is listening for lightning.
  • When lightning is first detected (up to 25 miles), the detector flashes all 5 LEDs for 1 minute.
  • To save battery life, after 1 minute of lightning detection, the detector switches to blinking only 2 LEDs for two more minutes. After two minutes, the detector turns off.
  • If a closer lightning strike is detected while the display is flashing, the color will change to indicate the distance of the strike.
  • When the next strike is detected, the unit turns back on and remembers and displays the correct lightning distance range (red, blue, or green depending on lightning distance).

If another closer lightning strike is detected while the display is flashing, the LED color will change, but the 2 minute timer does not reset. The detector will turn off after the two minutes.  The 1 minute and 2 minutes cycles then repeat.


At TALOS, Engineering Drives Best-in-Class Quality

Our mission is to provide families with quality products that promote safety and awareness while enjoying leisure activities together. Our patent pending products feature the same technology used in expensive weather stations, but at a fraction of the price.


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