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What is a “Bolt from the Blue?”

Did you know that lightning can still strike when the sky is blue? This kind of lightning is referred to as a “Bolt from the Blue” because they appear to come out of a clear sky.A “Bolt from the Blue” is a type of cloud to ground lightning, it typically appears from the back side […]


TALOS Employee Shares Personal Experience with Lightning

CK Hamilton is the Product Engineering Manager for the Talos™ Lightning Detector. He is very passionate about this product because he has witnessed first hand the effects of a lightning strike that caused death. Here is his story. CK’s Personal Testimony I know first hand how dangerous lightning is and why lightning safety is very […]


It’s National Water Safety Month!

Here at Talos, we love the great outdoors! And right now, there’s nothing better than the warming temperatures & the longer hours of daylight indicating summer is around the corner. Perfect conditions for ramping up preparations to open the pool! While taking time to make a list of the equipment & accessories you’ll need to […]